Voluntary Code of Conduct

Posted: October 1st, 2010

This Voluntary Code of Conduct was developed by Green Works-The Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association, the Vermont Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and the Vermont Invasive Exotic Plant Committee (VIEPC). The intent of the Code is to reduce the sale of non-native plants that have been found to be invasive in Vermont yet are currently legal to sell. In 2010 the VIEPC is seeking to add the following species to The Department of Agriculture’s Quarantine Rule: Japanese Barberry, Burning Bush, Norway Maple, Amur Maple, and Yellow Iris, including all cultivars for these species. After these plants have been added to the Rule, the Vermont Department of Agriculture will allow a three year phase out period. This gives nurseries a grace period in which they can sell off existing stock of these species. To learn more about the rule go to www.vtinvasiveplants.org.

This summer Green Works/VNLA asked member nurseries, landscape designers, and landscapers to consider signing the Voluntary Code of Conduct and cease the sale and use of invasive plants, including Japanese barberry, Norway maple, Burning Bush, Amur Maple and Yellow Iris, including all cultivars of each plant.

The Vermont Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and Green Works are now joining forces in a new initiative called PlantWise Vermont.  Through PlantWise, horticultural businesses are encouraged to sign on to a Voluntary Code of Conduct to stop selling and using invasive terrestrial plants by March 2011. A number of non-native exotic plants are still legally sold in Vermont, such as Burning Bush, Norway Maple, Japanese Barberry, Yellow Iris and all cultivars of these species. Businesses that sign on to the Voluntary Code of Conduct will be publicly recognized with PlantWise signs, window decals for their business vehicles, on The Nature Conservancy and Green Works web sites and other venues so consumers know that their nursery is doing its part. Gardeners can participate by choosing native plants, and asking their favorite nursery to sign on.

Sign Voluntary Code of Conduct Electronically – Click Here

Download Voluntary Code of Conduct

The following is a list of Green Works members and Vermont Certified Horticulturists who have signed the Voluntary Code of Conduct:

Arboreal Habitats, Ltd.: Adam W. Buursma - View Member Profile

Carrie Chalmers Design - View Member Profile

Ehmann Landscape Design: Will Ehmann - View Member Profile

Elmore Roots Fruit Tree & Berry Nursery: David Fried - View Member Profile

Gardener's Supply Co.: Pat Pearsall - View Member Profile

Hepatica, Inc.: Elizabeth S. Paquette - View Member Profile

Hunter Gomez - View Member Profile

Jim Moser - View Member Profile

Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio - View Member Profile

Labour of Love Landscaping & Nursery: Kate Kennedy Butler - View Member Profile

Lilac Torr, LLC: Jeff Young - View Member Profile

Marijke's Perennial Gardens Plus: Marijke Niles - View Member Profile

Old World Garden Design LLC: Silvia Jope - View Member Profile

Outdoor Spaces Landscape Designs: Judith Irven - View Member Profile

Pine Hollow Landscaping: Scott Gordon - View Member Profile

River's Bend Design, LLC.: Sarah Holland - View Member Profile

Rock Crest Gardens: Dorothy Pellett - View Member Profile

Second Nature Herb Farm & Horticultural Services: Ellen Malona - View Member Profile

Shaw Hill Nursery: David Loysen - View Member Profile

Stuart LaPoint's Landscaping & Nursery: Stuart LaPoint - View Member Profile

The F.A. Bartlett Tree Experts: VJ Comai - View Member Profile

Vaughan Landscaping, LLC: Brian Vaughan - View Member Profile

Walker Farm: Jack & Karen Manix - View Member Profile

Wise Oak, Inc.: Matthew Mosher - View Member Profile

Working Landscapes Design Group, LLC: Nick Scheu - View Member Profile

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