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August 22, 2018

Shelburne Farms Coach Barn

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity Project

The VNLA/Green Works established the Volunteer Project/Outreach Committee (VPOC) in March, 2018 and has chosen to work with Habitat for Humanity because we believe in their mission to provide affordable housing and because landscaping is an area that is often minimalized, overlooked and/or underfunded on much housing of this nature.  The  VPOC has completed the landscape design for the the Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity Project (GMHHP).   We are excited to launch this volunteer effort!  The project is located at at 57 Park St in Essex Junction, VT and will be homes to four families.


The target date for installing this project is the end of June.  The first step is securing the necessary items to install this landscape.  Below is the list of plants/materials we will need to complete the installation.  If you are able to donate any of the below items, please contact: Ashley Robinson: or Kristina MacKulin:  We appreciate any donation you can make. You can download a copy of the project donation list here: GMHH Donation List.


9 Steps 4′ x 1′ x 7″ ; alternative: poured concrete
540 sq. ft Pavers
260 cu.yd Crushed Stone
15-17 Large Boulders/Stone for retaining wall approx. 2′ high
20-25 Stepping Stones 18″ square or irregular mix


2  – Viburnum dentatum or nudum 2-3′ will take larger
13 – Hydrange ‘Annabelle’ 2 or 3 gal
5 –   Cornus sericiea – Red Twig Dogwood 2 or 3 gal
2 –   Picea glauca ‘Conica’ – Dwf. Alberta Sp. 3′ Or other similar evergreen
2 –   Juniperus chinensis “Hetzi Columnaris” 3′ or other similar upright
8 –   Vaccinium corymbosum 2 or 3 gal
10 – Grape Vines or Other Climbers 2 gal
1 –    Malus – Crabapple Cultivar


Annual Mixed/Wildflowers packs for sun
Vegetables and Herbs packs/pots
3 – Peonies 2 gal
7 – 10 –  Geranium x magnificum 1 gal or something similar
5 – 7  – Nepeta mussinii cultivar 1 gal
3  –  Hosta 1 gal any cultivar
20-30 –  Carex
3  – Miscanthus ‘Little Kitten’ 1 or 2 gal or something similar
15 – Panicum/Sporobolus/Descampsia 1 or 2 gal any combination or substitutions

2 x 4’s to make cover around mailboxes approx. size 5’L x 1″ W
3 Lattice panels 10’W x 6’H
3 Lattice panels 4’W x 6″H
2 Lattice panels 3’W x 12’H
3 Lattice panels 5’W x 12’H

5 – 10 yds Bark Mulch
10 Pallets
Woodchips enough to cover 10 x 60 ft.
5 – 10 yds Topsoil
4 Raised Beds 4′ x 8′ x 1’H
3 Raised Beds

NOTES / ITEMS for planting day
Tools- hammers, nails, drills, etc
Help constructing compost area, attaching lattice, building cover for mailbox/ meter area
Equipment? Stone cutter to cut asphalt
Wheel barrows
Shovels, rakes, etc

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