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Fairfax Perennial Farm

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Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity Project

The VNLA/Green Works established the Volunteer Project/Outreach Committee (VPOC) in February, 2018 and has chosen to work with Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity (GMHH) because we believe in their mission to provide affordable housing and because landscaping is an area that is often minimalized, overlooked and/or underfunded on much housing of this nature.  We are excited to launch this volunteer effort! The VPOC has completed the landscape design in April, 2018.  The project is located at at 55 Park St in Essex Junction, VT and will be homes to four families. The donations of the stone, pavers, perennials, shrubs, vegetable seedlings, lumber, bark mulch and top soil have been secured thanks to many of our members and associates. Please see the list below.   Many of our members will be donating their time, tools,  and labor to complete the landscape installation on July 14. Some of the new homeowners will also participate in the installation.

On Saturday, July 14, 2018 approximately 25 VNLA members gathered alongside some of the families to build and plant the new landscape.


THANK YOU to our members and associates who came together to make this design/installation volunteer project a reality! We are very grateful!

VNLA/Volunteer Project/Outreach Committee

Ashley Robinson, Landscape Designer, chair

Crafted Landscape Design, LLC – Gabe Bushey

Dr. Mark Starrett, University of Vermont

Lisa Hoare, University of Vermont Medical Center

Marie Limoge, Landscape Designer

The Grass Gauchos, LLC – Josh Cohen and Pat Toporowski

VNLA/Green Works GMHH Project Donors

Belgard Pavers – patio pavers

Champlain Landworks--trucking

Crafted Landscape Design, LLC – stone steps/site work

Dr. Mark Starrett, University of Vermont – vegetable transplants

Fairfax Perennial Farm, Inc. - perennials

Full Circle Gardens – perennials

Gardener’s Supply Company - topsoil

Green Mountain Compost - topsoil

Horsford Gardens & Nursery – shrubs

Limbwalker Tree Service, Inc.– wood chips

Pinnacle Properties – bark mulch

Red Wagon Plants – annuals

The Grass Gauchos, LLC – landscape design, site work, crushed stone

Trowel Trades Supply – patio pavers

VNLA Members – labor and tools on installation day

Weston Excavating – trucking

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity Donors

Dick Shasteen – lumber, tools

Greg Rabideau – building architect

VNLA/Green Works GMHH Planting Day Volunteers

Anne Guarino, The Grass Gauchos, LLC
Ashley Robinson, Landscape Designer
Brinkley Benson and sons, homeowners
Dr. Mark Starret, University of Vermont
Gabe Bushey, Crafted Landscapes, LLC
Hannah Decker, Fairfax Perennial Farm
Jake Ringer, Crafted Landscapes, LLC
Jeff and Debbie Limoge

Josh Cohen, The Grass Gauchos, LLC
Karla Clithero, The Grass Gauchos, LLC
Kristina MacKulin, VNLA Executive Director
Landon Roberts, The Grass Gauchos, LLC
Lisa Hoare, University of Vermont Medical Center
Marie Limoge, Landscape Designer
Marlys Eddy, Vermont Technical College
Nolan Comiskey, The Grass Gauchos, LLC
Pat Toporowski, The Grass Gauchos, LLC
Tim & Elsa Lindenmeyr
Todd Romanchek, The Grass Gauchos, LLC
VJ Comai, Burlington City Arborist



9 Steps 4' x 1' x 7" ; alternative: poured concrete
540 sq. ft Pavers
260 cu.yd Crushed Stone
15-17 Large Boulders/Stone for retaining wall approx. 2' high
20-25 Stepping Stones 18" square or irregular mix


2 - Viburnum dentatum or nudum 2-3' will take larger
13 - Hydrange 'Annabelle' 2 or 3 gal
5 - Cornus sericiea - Red Twig Dogwood 2 or 3 gal
2 - Picea glauca 'Conica' - Dwf. Alberta Sp. 3' Or other similar evergreen
2 - Juniperus chinensis "Hetzi Columnaris" 3' or other similar upright
8 - Vaccinium corymbosum 2 or 3 gal
10 - Grape Vines or Other Climbers 2 gal
1 - Malus - Crabapple Cultivar


Annual Mixed/Wildflowers packs for sun
Vegetables and Herbs packs/pots
3 - Peonies 2 gal
7 - 10 - Geranium x magnificum 1 gal or something similar
5 - 7 - Nepeta mussinii cultivar 1 gal
3 - Hosta 1 gal any cultivar
20-30 - Carex
3 - Miscanthus 'Little Kitten' 1 or 2 gal or something similar
15 - Panicum/Sporobolus/Descampsia 1 or 2 gal any combination or substitutions

2 x 4's to make cover around mailboxes approx. size 5'L x 1" W
3 Lattice panels 10'W x 6'H
3 Lattice panels 4'W x 6"H
2 Lattice panels 3'W x 12'H
3 Lattice panels 5'W x 12'H

5 - 10 yds Bark Mulch
10 Pallets
Woodchips enough to cover 10 x 60 ft.
5 - 10 yds Topsoil
4 Raised Beds 4' x 8' x 1'H
3 Raised Beds