diStefano Landscaping, Inc. – David Burton

Essex Junction, VT  

S. Burlington BackyardEscape

Honor Award

The client purchased their home within the past 10 years and contacted us because the back deck was too small and too hot for their family including three boys ranging in age from 2-10 years old.  The deck was west facing and constructed with pressure treated pine that was starting to become more of a maintenance headache than what is was worth.  They also had an existing large mulched bed that felt overwhelming to keep weed free.  They wanted functional space that would allow for a grill that  they could use year-round, outdoor dining with a relief from the hot afternoon sun, and a fire pit. They were also interested in finding a spot to grow hops for the owner’s beer brewing hobby.  Another big concern was that we didn’t’ interfere with the big open backyard that the boys used daily.