Nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses, florists, landscape professionals, arborists … this is a BIG industry. The hundreds of firms in our industry in Vermont employee thousands of people, pay significant taxes and benefits, keep land open, and generate substantial income. How much?   That’s what this survey will determine.

About the Survey

In February, 2020 there will be a postcard mailing announcing this survey with a link to the on-line survey. If you do not receive this card in the mail by mid-February, contact the Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association, Green Works (VNLA) office for the details  at 802-425-5117, or email:

The survey is quite easy to fill out on-line, and should take under 10 minutes. There will be a unique code on the postcard that you will need to access the survey. This is simply to make sure only VT industry members respond, and that we don’t send you reminders once you complete it. Your results will ONLY be used to tally the overall industry totals, and will remain anonymous. Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor Emeritus, is conducting the survey on behalf of the VNLA. The results will be shared in a final report with our members, our industry, the VT Agency of Agriculture, and others.  Again, if you do not receive the postcard we can assign you a code number which will enable you to take the survey.

So why do THIS survey?

Legislators, regulators, university administrators, grant agencies, lending institutions and potential collaborators need to realize the size and impact of our industry, it’s needs and concerns. Schools, students and parents need to realize the positive and worthwhile opportunities for employment in our industry. Only industry-wide results, specific for our state, will help convey all that our industry has to offer, and it’s impacts to Vermont and beyond. Other surveys, such as the USDA census, only look at production and, as most know, our Vermont industry has huge service and retail components with large positive impacts on income, employment, and taxes.  

The last survey of our entire industry was completed in 2009, based on 2008 data and was conducted by Dr. Perry and Dr. Lois Stack from Maine. This survey was sponsored by the New England Nursery Association. Back then, our Vermont industry had more than 540 firms, generating over $119 million in income, with over 5,000 employed by the industry—56% of which were full time. Your results will help us know how our industry compares now to a decade ago.

Current industry information is one of the best tools for influencing legislation, leveraging grants, obtaining business loans, garnering research projects, and attracting students and employees. Data and feedback from each firm is important towards creating the most accurate, believable, and impactful image of our Vermont nursery and landscape industry.  Watch for your survey postcard in the mail, and please take just a few minutes to fill it out online. Thanks in advance for helping our horticultural industry. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!