Awards Nominations

Any Active, Associate or Student member of Green Works/VNLA, current in dues, as well as any Honorary member, is eligible to nominate individuals for Green Works awards.  Download the 2017/18 Nomination Ballot below.  The deadline to make nominations is November 15, 2017.

2017 Nomination Ballot for VNLA Awards

The 2016 Award Winners

Horticultural Achievement Award

This award is given to individuals connected to the horticulture industry in Vermont who are over 35 years of age and whose accomplishments have advanced our industry educationally, by plant development or growing, through literature, or through outstanding personal effort.  This award is the most prestigious and distinguished that can be received from Green Workslori king

2015 Winner – Lori King
Claussen’s Florist, Greenhouse & Perennial Farm
Colchester, VT



Environmental Awareness Award

This award is given in recognition of an individual that has implemented an environmentally sound practice that dancontributes to the protection of our environment.

2016 Winner – Dan Redondo
Vermont Wetland Plant Supply, LLC
Orwell, VT



Retailer of the Year Award

This award was established in 2012 and will be presented annually to a retail garden center or greenhouse operation that stands apart for their excellence in any or all of the following categories:  cuscarol & miketomer service, quality of plant material, knowledge of staff, creativity and innovations in marketing and presentation of retail space, and overall customer experience and satisfaction.

2016 Winner – Carol and Mike MacLeod
Evergreen Gardens
Waterbury Center, VT



NENA Young Nursery Professional of the Year Award

The Young Nursery Professional of the Year award is an annual award established by the New England Nursery Association.  Its purpose is to reward, to honor, and to encourage participation, achievement and growth by an individual who is involved in a related horticultural industry and has not reached the age of 40 years, who has shown involvement in his or her state and/or regional nursery association, who has contributed to the growth and success of their company, and who has portrayed an image to the public of what our products and services can do for them.

** NOTE:  The NENA Award recipient is selected in Nov. of each year for next year’s award.  The Horticultural Achievement Award and Environmental Awareness Award are selected by Jan. of each year for the previous year.  All recipients are honored at the Green Works annual meeting held in February of each year.david

2017 Winner – David Burton
diStefano Landscaping, Inc.
Jericho, VT


Allen B. Crane Horticultural Employee Acknowledgement AwardAllen B. Crane1

This award will be presented annually and is being sponsored by Claussen’s Florist & Greenhouse in honor of Allen B. Crane, head grower there for over 42 years.   Allen was “a great friend, wonderful colleague and an incredible grower”.  Allen passed away in 2013 after a yearlong battle with cancer.   This award is being established in Allen’s honor to recognize the employees that make a difference in the horticultural industry.   A cash prize will be awarded to the recipient in the amount of $275.  Nominees must meet the following criteria:  they should be an employee of a member business with a minimum of 5 years employment with that business; nominees must be employed in the horticultural industry, which could also include the field of educationmatthew; and nominees should be exemplary leaders and display an ability to grow and excel in the workplace and beyond.

2016 Winner – Matthew de Wolf
Gardener’s Supply Compay
Williston, VT




Student Merit Awards

University of Vermont

2017 – Rowan Payne-Meyer
2016 – Michael Murphy
2015 – Donald Keith, III
2014 – John Davis
2013 – John R. Bruce
2012 – Graham Glauber
2011 – Graham Glauber
2010 – Jesse Ackemann
2009 – Kaitlin May Harris and John F. Holcomb II
2007 – Cole Downing
2006 – Mark Finch
2005 – Kent Martin
2004 – Andrew Bur

Vermont Technical College

2017 – David Howes
2016- Lucas Buckley-Jamison
2015 – Oliver Zeichner
2014 – Kim Cayer
2013 – Kelly Pellegrino
2012 – Jackie Fontaine
2011 – Brittny Tyler
2010 – Lisa Hoare
2009 – Jonathan J. Becker
2008 – Lucy Thayer
2006 – Justin Filskov
2005 – Megan Hefner and Rob Moore
2004 – Mark Dumont
2002 – Jeremy Tinker


Past Award Winners:

    Horticultural Achievement Award

2015 Paul Wieczoreck, Champlain Valley Landscaping/Lincoln Hill Nursery
2014 David Loysen, Shaw Hill Nursery
2013 Leo Roberts, Horsfords Garden & Nursery
2012 Don and Lela Avery, Cady’s Falls Nursery
2011 Charles Siegchrist – Barber Farm, Inc.
2010 Christopher Conant – Claussen’s Florist & Greenhouse
2009 Amy Rose-White, Rocky Dale Gardens
2008 Paul Sokal and Louise Giovanella, Addison Gardens
2007 John and Patti Padua, Cobble Creek Nursery
2006 Thomas F. Wright, Homestead Landscaping
2005 Dan G. Nash, Nash’s Treescape
2004 Leonard Perry, UVM
2003 Bill Countryman, Countryman Peony Farm
2002 Charlie Proutt, Horsford’s Nursery
2001 Holly Weir & Bill Pollard, Rocky Dale Gardens
2000 Greg Williams
1998 Joan Hulbert, Smallwood Nursery
1997 William Horsford
1996 Dennis Bruckel, Grand Isle Nursery
1995 Richard Salter
1994 Elmer Brown, The E.C. Brown Nursery
1993 Norman & Dorothy Pellett
1992 Lewis & Nancy Hill
1991 Richard Stevens, Sr.

    Environmental Awareness Award

2015 Liz and Jake Guest, Killdeer Farm
2014 Rebecca Lindenmeyr, Linden L.A.N.D. Group
2013 Sarah Salatino, Full Circle Gardens
2012 Chris Conant, Claussen’s Florist & Greenhouse
2011 Sarah Holland – River’s Bend Garden Design
2009 Charlie Proutt and Eileen Schilling, Horsford Gardens & Nursery
2008 Tom Stearns, High Mowing Organic Seeds
2007 Karl Hammer, Vermont Compost Company
2006 Anne Mueller, Arcana Gardens and Greenhouses
2004 Common Ground Student Run Educational Farm
2002 Paul Sachs, North Country Organics
2001 Paul Sokal, Addison Gardens
2000 Adam Sherman
1997 Will & Judy Stevens
1996 Don Avery, Cady’s Falls Nursery
1995 SVCEC Horticulture Program
1994 Jim & Mary Musty, J. M. Landscaping
1993 Nancy Volatile Wood
1991 Andrea Morgante

Retailer of the Year Award

2015  Ed Burke, Rocky Dale Gardens
2014  Karen and Jack Manix, Walker Farm
2013  Tobi and Sally von Trapp, von Trapp Greenhouse
2012  Julie Rubaud, Red Wagon Plants

NENA Young Nursery Professional of the Year Award

2016 Hannah Decker, Fairfax Perennial Farm, Inc.
2015 Gabe Bushey, Crafted Landscapes, LLC
2014 Jason Koicuba, Cobble Creek Nursery
2013 Brian Vaughan, Vaughan Landscaping
2012 Nathaniel Carr, Church Hill Landscapes, LLC
2011 Claybrook Griffith, Long Leaf Landscaping, LLC
2010 Shannon Lee, Cobble Creek Nursery
2009 Rebecca Lindenmeyr, Linden Landscaping & Design, Inc.
2008 R. Andrew Burtt, Old Nash Farm & Landscaping
2006 Chris Thompson, White River Valley Gardens & Landscaping
2005 Mark Starrett, UVM
2002 Tim Parsons, Greenhaven Gardens & Nursery
2001 Charlie Plonski, Horsfords Gardens & Nursery/New England Nursery Sales
2000 Peter Norris
1998 Scott Pfister, Vermont Department of Agriculture
1997 Stephen Tworig
1996 Bill Pedi, Northern Nurseries
1995 Thamasin Sullivan
1994 VJ Comai, South Forty
1993 Chris Schlegel
1992 Ralph Fitzgerald
1991 Pat Seibel