Perennial Nursery Team Member—Application Deadline March 15, 2018

Arcana Gardens and Greenhouses, a certified organic, highly diversified nursery and farm in Jericho, VT, is seeking a team member for our perennial nursery. Arcana’s retail nursery operation carries over 500 varieties of perennials, many medicinal and culinary herbs, and vegetable and annual flower seedlings in spring. We also grow cut flowers and some vegetables for sale at farmer’s markets.

We are seeking a focused, careful plant person to help operate the perennial nursery. This position will be part of a team of two people who maintain the perennial nursery’s day to day operations. Schedule is full time April-October and part time early October-end of March. One weekend day per week required May through October.

Major duties include:

  • Caring for and propagating potted perennials and keeping them in good health
  • Seeding and transplanting perennials
  • Organizing and moving plants around the nursery
  • Keeping the perennial sales area organized, welcoming, and clean
  • Helping maintain a system of organization in the overstock and potting area
  • Keeping our database of perennial plant information current and accurate
  • Assisting with creating our retail catalog for printing every 2 years
  • Contributing to farm-wide activities like watering, retail duties, and preparing for farmer’s markets each week

Required skills and experience:

  • Enthusiasm for interesting and unusual plants!
  • 3 years or more of perennial plant care and maintenance experience in a nursery, landscaping, or intensive home garden setting
  • High level of organization and focus
  • Experience and facility with database software, Excel files, and computers in general
  • Ability to work well independently, with minimal supervision
  • Ability to be a dedicated member of a team
  • Excellent, honest, kind communication skills

And, if the following apply to you, it’s a big plus:

  • Ability to stay focused and organized in an environment with many moving parts and which changes from day to day
  • Keeping scientific plant names straight is important to you
  • Experience managing FileMaker databases
  • Good to excellent writing skills
  • Basic to intermediate graphic design experience, using Adobe InDesign or Scribus

To apply, please send a resume and letter of interest to Eva Alexander at by March 15.

Contact Eva Alexander, 802-899-5123