River Walk Ltd. Co.
R. Schuyler Watson
42 Dorset Street
Charlotte, VT  05445


River Walk Farm is a wholesale shrub and small tree nursery located in Charlotte, VT approximately 15 minutes south of Burlington. We sell plant material directly to landscape contractors and garden centers. 2020 marks our 5th year in business, and with growing sales we are looking to hire a Head Grower to help run nursery operations. The position will be full time and begin approximately March 15th with some flexibility. Our farm plants woody ornamental shrubs and trees to be grown above ground from various types of plant starts. Plants are then finished in our nursery to be ready for retail sale or installation.

Ideally those applying for the head growing position will have experience in one or more of the following fields:

  • Wholesale nursery production or retail nursery/garden center operations
  • Landscape installation / planting
  • Formal or on the job education in plant & soil science or botany
  • Agricultural vegetable or other crop production / growing experience
  • Wholesale/retail greenhouse operations
  • Wholesale brokering/sourcing of hardly plant stock

Applicants can expect to lead from the front, and job duties will include but not be limited to:

  • Manage a small number (1-3) of temporary spring employees with nursery production
  • Oversee production schedules and processes for plant crops
  • Receive raw materials and various supplies shipments from vendors
  • Participate directly in the potting process and help to maintain quality standards
  • Work with customers to help select shrubs and trees for new and preexisting orders
  • Complete invoices and bill customers for sales on site
  • Load and verify orders going out for both deliveries by River Walk Farm and customer pick-ups
  • Inspect crops for quality, and determine needed care such as pruning, repotting, weeding, etc
  • Inspect facilities/equipment such as irrigation systems for needed adjustments or improvements
  • Operate various small equipment such as golf carts, tractors, ATVs, etc
  • Respond to changing weather/pest related issues to maintain quality standards

Applicants will need a reliable source of transportation to and from work. Good communication skills are a must, and employees are always expected to work in a respectful and professional manner toward both customers and fellow employees. Benefits such as paid holiday, healthcare contribution, educational compensation, and any other allowances will be discussed during your interview. The head growing position will be offered as either a salaried position or hourly compensation based on what is most appropriate for the eventual hire. Pay will commiserate with experience, and the general pay range will be between $19.00 and $27.00 dollars per hour. This is not an ‘under the table position’ and no such type of employment is offered at River Walk Farm. Employees will be covered by all state and federally required protections such as insurances, paid sick time, equal opportunity employment, and any other mandates.

River Walk Farm is an outdoor facility, and applicants will be expected to work in all weather conditions including those found in early spring and late fall. Indoor tasks will be extremely limited, and this position is best suited to those who love to work outdoors.