VNLA Summer Meeting & Trade Show

August 22, 2018

Shelburne Farms Coach Barn

Grand Garden Display

 Neverland Grand Garden Display


The ThemeNeverland2017Final Drawing

Choosing the theme ‘Neverland’ for the 2017 Vermont Flower Show was a hands-down unanimous decision for the core group of Green Works members who establish and develop the design for the Grand Garden Display. While Peter Pan is a story of adventure in a fantastical place called Neverland, it also reminds us of the timeless connection we have with nature and the irresistible urge to be outdoors. Once we get beyond the confines of our walls and out in the natural world, our cares leave us and imagination and joy take over. Neverland is a fictional place of fairies, mermaids, pirates and magical dwellings but the natural elements are familiar to us: flowers, animals, trees, water and birds. We hope you delight in this fantasy and we encourage you to carry the sense of discovery, adventure and playfulness into the real world and your real gardens! Seek out the joy and wonderful wildness that nature provides and strive to nurture the natural abundance in your own backyard.

Throughout the Garden

Gardens are wonderful places to relax and take time to reflect. Art is one form of reflection, and what better place for an artist than in a garden? Local artists have been invited to capture the beauty within the Grand Garden Display this year, look for them!

The Rooftops

Step through the window and glide high above the rooftops. Look around, above and below, feel the rush of wind on your face and take in the fragrance of the outdoors. Let your imagination soar as your journey into Neverland begins.

The Nightscape

Fly through the Nightscape searching for the second star to the right, and straight on ‘til spring! The moon illuminates the garden below, (an inspiration for your own moon garden)! As the stars twinkle in the night and you venture down the garden path keep a watchful eye; do you in believe in fairies?

Wendy’s House

As you float down to Wendy’s House, tucked deep in the woods, discover a friendly and enchanting place that exists only in your dreams, or does it? A nurturing warm glow comes from within. Wendy’s House is a place to gather, a place to join your friends, and a place to play! The magic never ends!

Mermaid’s Lagoon at Marooner’s Rock

Follow the path to Mermaid’s Lagoon but be wary and keep your eyes wide open! This is a dark and mysterious place where mermaids hide. Can you hear the rush of mountain waterfalls ahead?

Lost Boy’s Cave

Let your imagination run wild as you descend the mountain and discover a wee home below the ground, a place of make believe, a gathering place for folk and fairy. Catch a glimpse of the vibrant world beneath the forest floor, among the roots of towering trees. Then seek a higher vantage point above the Lost Boys Cave and take in Neverland – a place without boundaries where adventures are never far between.

The Village Above

Meander from the world below to the Village Above. This festive encampment comes alive with celebrations, enchantments and firelight. Colors all around, fragrances abound! Let the tinkling sounds of light and music carry you along.

The Neverbird

Here you find a stone interpretation of a bird’s wing, using dry laid techniques; the builder has crafted a mythical creature, the Neverbird from his imagination into a serenely beautiful landscape feature.

Pirate’s Cove

Your journey is nearing it’s end, but don’t be lulled into sailing along carefree; be on the lookout for Captain Hook! Listen…what’s that ticking sound? The Crocodile! This beautifully crafted, larger than life carving was done with a chainsaw, impressive! As you leave the Pirate’s Cove and pass through the window back into reality close your eyes and imagine your own Neverland. It’s a place far from grown-up worries filled with friends, laughter, and thrilling adventure. Carry the magic of Neverland with you straight on ‘

On Exiting

Be sure to stop and peruse the informational boards on your way out. If you don’t, you won’t see what you missed! Here we talk about how the display came together and all the wonderful people who volunteered their time. Do you know how many bulbs are used in the Garden? How many trees? How quickly it had to be built? This is where you find out the nitty-gritty and you can impress your guests when you bring them in for your second walk through!

Collaboration is Key

Want to know what makes this so much fun? The people! The Flower Show Committee and Central Display Committee are a group of hard-working people who began the planning process 18 months ago. They have given tirelessly of their time and labor to ensure the show comes together in a few short days! Wow!

UVM Master Gardeners

Every show we ask master gardeners who participate in the UVM Master Gardener Program across the state if they are interested in volunteering their time to help with the Vermont Flower Show. The tasks are many and so are the master gardeners who come forward each show! Over the course of the week almost 100 master gardener volunteers help Green Works with this endeavor! We gratefully accept their help and could not do it without them.

Green Works Members and Vermont Certified Horticulturists

Holding a flower show was the brainstorm of members back in 1963. Over the years the show has evolved, expanded, and grown into what it is today. That brainstorming by our members still goes on today. Many of our members donate their professional time and expertise to design and build the show. Others donate plants and materials. Vermont Flower Show would never be able to happen without our members continued efforts and dedication to bringing this show to life every other year.

Green Works members and Vermont Certified Horticulturists are on hand at the Green Works information booth to answer questions. Please check out the Design Board to learn about this year’s sponsors of the show and the featured contributors.

Grand Garden Display Committee

Melita J. Bass, VCH and Ashley Robinson Landscape Designer, Committee Co-Chairs
Ed Burke, Rocky Dale Gardens, Design Coordinator
Katie Raycroft-Meyer, Raycroft/ Meyer Landscape Architecture, Design Coordinator

Designers and Builders:
Claybrook Griffith, Long Leaf Landscaping
David Loysen, Shaw Hill Nursery
Gabe Bushey, Crafted Landscapes, LLC
Hannah Decker, Fairfax Perennial Farm, Inc.
Jamie Masefield, Masefield Dry Stone Masonry
John Padua, Cobble Creek Nursery
Kelly Wakefield, Green Feet Gardening
Liam Murphy, Murphy Landscape Design & Siteworks
Marie Limoge, Landscape Designer
Nate Carr, Church Hill Landscapes
Rick Villamil, Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers, Inc
Sam Chicaderis, SJC Garden Services
Sarah Holland, River’s Bend Design, LLC
Sarah Salatino, Full Circle Gardens
Shannon & Katherine Lee, Sisters of Nature
Tanya Retz, Mama’s Gardens
VJ Comai, South Forty Nursery

Vermont Flower Show Committee

Kristina MacKulin, Green Works, Flower Show Committee Chair
Emma Voci & Meg Boera, Delaney Meeting & Event Management

Cheryl Dorschner
Dr. Leonard Perry, Green Mountain Horticulture, LLC
John Joy, Dave Cozzens, & Carl Kokes, VT Garden Railway Society
Katie Baas, Lucky Star Cartering, Food/Flora/Fresh Demo Coordinator
Kelly Wakefield, St. Albans Garden Club Display Coordinator
Marijke Niles, Perennial Gardens Plus, Plant Sale Coordinator
Melita Bass, Melita J. Bass, VCH
Shari Johnson, UVM Master Gardener, Volunteer Coordinator
Terry Skorstad, Family Room Coordinator

Bringing Plants to Bloom

Brett Wilbur, Claussen’s Florist, Greenhouse, and Perennial Farm
Center for Technology Students, Essex
Chris Conant, Claussen’s Florist, Greenhouse, and Perennial Farm
Claussen’s Florist, Greenhouse and Perennial Farm Staff
David Loysen, Shaw Hill Nursery
Hannah Decker, Fairfax Perennial Farm, Inc.
John Padua, Cobble Creek Nursery
Mark Starrett & UVM Horticulture Club
Mark Storch, Claussen’s Florist,Greenhouse, and Perennial Farm
Nate Carr, Church Hill Landscapes
Vermont Technical College Students