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Vermont Zen Center Garden Tour

June 19, 2019 – RSVP NOW!

Family Activity Room

The Family Room is located in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion – Bissonette Room.

10:00 am – All Day (everyday)Family Room1

On-going hands-on activities and craft projects are available in the Family Activity Room.   Come dig for worms at the Shelburne Farms worm bin and play in the dirt!  Daily craft projects include making flower paper bag hats,  planting mini terrariums, pulled string art, and make your own bandanna (smashing is involved!) and more!  On Saturday, look for the pressed leave art demonstration.

The Birds of Vermont Museum and the Green Mountain Audobon Center will also be joining us over the weekend as well!



Family Room




Scheduled Entertainment

Friday, March 1, 2019

11:00 and 2pm

Magicians Without Borders Magic Show!

Tom Verner of Magicians Without Borders will bring a great deal of wonder to the Flower Show this year with his awesome magic show! These gigs allow Tom to perform his magic show in refuge camps, hospitals, orphanages all around the world bringing wonder, laughter, and surprise to those who desperately need it. Tom says, “I like to think that the magic brings not only laughter and surprise, but on some deeper level perhaps, magic plants seeds of hope. Hope that the impossible is possible. Hope that after years of waiting in a refugee camps, the waiting will end and the people will go home again.”  To learn more about Magicians Without Borders please visit:



Saturday, March 2, 2019

11:00 am and 2pm

Mister Chris and Friends Band Performs!

The Mister Chris and Friends Band strives to illuminate the simple beauty of childhood, parenthood, and community. Singer-songwriter and educator, Chris Dorman, writes, records, and performs thoughtful and tender songs that captivate multi-generational audiences. These original songs are written with the most sensitive ears in mind and are the foundation for his music and movement program, Music For Sprouts, as well as a new children’s television show called Mister Chris and Friends, created by Chris and produced by Vermont PBS. Chris lives with his family on their community farm, Bread & Butter Farm, on the town line of Shelburne and South Burlington.  To learn more about Mr. Chris and Friends please visit:




Sunday, March 3, 2019

11:00 am and 2pm

No Strings Marionette Company presents Sharp Ears

Visit the puppeteers in full view, the audience experiences the magic first-hand as the marionettes are brought to life.  The beloved artisans of the No Strings Marionette Company handcraft the beautiful puppets, props, and scenery with which they spin family-friendly tales both classic and original.

On a stroll in the woods one summer morning, forester Bartos captures a fox kit and brings it home as a pet. The family dog Catcher must teach Sharp Ears how to live by human rules. But will a full belly and a safe life at the farm be enough for the vixen to trade in her wild ways? No Strings Marionette Company’s puppeteers created a cast of one of a kind marionettes, both wild and tame, that bring the tale to life. The performance -a tribute to a 1920 Czechoslovakian account about a real life fox- engages the senses in a seamless blend of movement, music and masterful marionette manipulation.  To learn more about No Strings Marionette Company visit:



The Vermont Garden Railway Society Train Display

train display

The Vermont Garden Railway Society was established in 1993 and they host garden railway open houses, setup ground and modular displays at local shows and events, participate in club projects, and run live steam locomotives. We are pleased to have them join us in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion with their landscaped train display, a delight for all ages!  For more information visit: