VNLA Summer Meeting & Trade Show

August 22, 2018

Shelburne Farms Coach Barn

Family Activity Room

The Family Room is located in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion – Bissonette Room.

10:00 am – All Day (everyday)Family Room1

On-going hands-on activities and craft projects are available in the Family Activity Room.   Come dig for worms at the Shelburne Farms worm bin and join the Birds of Vermont Museum for a “Petals and Plumages” craft.  Daily projects which include making flower paper bag hats, flower button rings, planting mini terrariums, and making flower petal sun catchers.


Family Room




Scheduled Entertainment

Friday, March 3, 2017

12:00-3:00 pm

Mermaid Dalni  mermaid dalni

Join Mermaid Dalni, a professional Mermaid performer (Danielle Ross), who hails from Vermont.   Dalni is a good friend of Peter Pan and will be joining us in the Family Room to share mermaid tales.  Mermaid Dalni’s mission is to protect the world’s oceans through conservation and education. She believes in promoting creativity and imagination in children to encourage them to create a better future.



Saturday, March 4, 2017

11:00 am and 2pm

Songs and Silly Stuff! w/Rick Adam a/k/a Professor Paddy-Whackrick

Professor Paddy-Whack/a.k.a.Rick Adam presents a collage of energizing entertainment, including; Music, Hand Shadows, Mime, Magic, Juggling, Humor and original toe-tapping tunes that will leave you humming. Not to mention the coolest One Man Band ever!

Professor Paddy-Whack/a.k.a.Rick Adam has appeared in films and on television. He was featured on a PBS show which is now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute and in 2007 he performed at the 1st International Clown Festival in China. Also, Rick has performed twice for Bruce Springsteen at his home in New Jersey and in 2011 was a semi-finalist on “America’s Got Talent -2011“ in NYC.



Sunday, March 5, 2017

11:00 am and 2pm

No Strings Marionette Company presents Treasure Hunttreasure hunt

All aboard for this swashbuckling hunt for treasure, where Jim is lured out to sea in search of adventure and excitement. Little does he realize the unusual experience about to unfold. Jim sets sail aboard the Golden Nugget with Captain Timbershin. A wild ocean storm throws Jim overboard, where his underwater odyssey begins.

With an enchanted kiss from Jewel, a young mermaid,  Jim is able to breathe under water.

In no time, this dry-lander is faced with peculiar difficulties. These include a giant clam, a fish that swallows him whole, an electric eel and an angry octopus guarding his treasure. Jewel and Jim encounter King Neptune and discover that his domain, and all its underwater inhabitants are threatened by pollution poured into the water from above.  Jim must find what is lost and convince his people to take better care of their lakes and oceans so that creatures above and below the water can live in harmony.



train display

The Vermont Garden Railway Society was established in 1993 and they host garden railway open houses, setup ground and modular displays at local shows and events, participate in club projects, and run live steam locomotives. We are pleased to have them join us in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion with their landscaped train display, a delight for all ages!