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Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont

The Judges’ Council of the Federated Garden Clubs of VT will hold a Standard Flower Show, entitled Gardens of Late Winter Wonder. The show will be held during the Vermont Flower Show –  March 1-3, 2019 at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex Junction, VT.

The show is held in conjunction with the Vermont Flower Show, sponsored every other year by the Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association/Green Works. In Gardens of Late Winter Wonder there will be four (4) Divisions: Design, Horticulture, Education and Youth. Amateur gardeners are encouraged to register to enter the Horticulture Division. We expect to have over one hundred (100) exhibits. It will be a great place to show off your gardening skills and even earn a ribbon. National Garden Club Accredited Judges will judge all of the plant material. Please contact Wendy Howard at 802.326.2098, Chairman of the Judges’ Council Flower Show or the Green Works Office at 802.425.5117 for more information.

The 2015 FGC Standard Flower Show

You do not need to be a National Garden Member to enter the Horticulture Division.
All amateur gardeners are welcome.

Entry day for Horticulture is February 27, 1:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Entry cards will be available during entry times. There will be Garden Club members there to help you fill out your cards.

Tips For Entering Horticulture

  • All exhibits must be fresh and grown by the exhibitor
  • Plant material must be in its natural state and may not be altered by application of oil or commercial “shine” products
  • Plant material should be clean with all debris, dirt and damage removed by exhibitor
  • Containers should be clean
  • Container-grown specimens should be centered in containers except for sympodial orchids and succulents with pups or self-multiples

More information will be included in the Horticulture Rules. Following the Rules are all of the Classes that you may enter.

Division II: Horticulture Rules

  1. The NGC Horticulture Policies/Rules are printed in the Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017 Edition Chapter 6, p.27
  2. All plant material must be fresh and grown by the exhibitor. Length of possession is:

a.  Bulbs, 90 days
b.  Arboreal, 6 months
c.  Houseplants, 90 days
d.  Dish gardens, 6 weeks

  1. The rules for a single species cut or container-grown specimen are listed in the Handbook for Flower Shows or its supplement Horticulture Exhibiting and Judging.
  2. In order to receive an NGC Top Exhibitor Award, the exhibitor must identify her/his entry by its binominal name or currently acceptable scientific designation.
  3. Entry cards are to be filled out in advance if possible, preferably in pencil or waterproof ink. Address labels may also be used. Refer to the Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017 Edition, Chapter 6 for a correctly filled out entry tag.
  4. Cut specimens should not have foliage below the water line (exception Gladiolus).
  5. If a plant is considered a flowering plant, it should be exhibited as a flowering specimen.  Foliage plants may flower, but should be exhibited as foliage plant if they are grown for leaves.
  6. Specimens with a class designation in the schedule may not be entered in the ‘Any Other Worthy’ class.”
  7. The Horticulture Classification Committee Chairman and/or General Show Chairman are free to subdivide classes by color, form, size, cultivar, variety or other distinguishing characteristics.
  8. The Scale of Points for Horticulture is located in Chapter 14 of the Handbook for Flower Shows.
  9. All staging materials for cut specimens, vases and wedging material (bubble wrap), will be provided by the Committee.
  10. Exhibitors may make more than one entry per class or subclass if each is a different genus, species, variety, cultivar, type, size or color.
  11. All entries must be approved for conformance to the schedule and show worthiness by the Classification Chairman before placement by the Committee.

Division II: Horticulture  –  The Growing Game
Class 1 and all Sections eligible for the Award of Horticulture Excellence

Classes and Sections

Class 1. Displaying Our Style…

Succulent Dish Garden, a miniature landscape, combination planter containing three (3) or more different succulents. Exhibitor provides a shallow container not to exceed 18” in diameter or 18” in length and width.

Keycard is required.   Pre-registration with Horticulture Entries Chairman Patty Lambert, (802) 933-6197 is required.

Section A. Showing our Winter Color…

Evergreen Branches, Foliage, Fruited or Coned.  One cut specimen maximum length 30”, minimum length 12”. Each cut branch must include several nodes and an apical tip.

                     Eligible for Arboreal Award

Class 2   Cypress
Class 3   Picea (Spruce)
Class 4   Pinus (Pine)
Class 5   Any other worthy specimen

Section B.  Finding Joy in Winter Structure…

Deciduous Branches. One cut specimen maximum length 30”, minimum length 12”. Each cut branch must include several nodes and an apical tip.

Eligible for Arboreal Award

Class 6   Acer ( Maple)
Class 7   Betula ( Birch)
Class 8   Fagus (Beech)
Class 9  Any other Worthy Specimen

Section C.  Marveling at Perennial Green…

Container grown plants, primarily for foliage Pot not to exceed 12” in diameter

Eligible for Grower’s Choice Award

Class 10  Begonia
Class 11  Hedera (Ivy)
Class 12  Pteridophytes (Ferns)
Class 13  Any other Worthy Specimen

Section D.   Flourishing Color in a Window…

Container grown flowering plants.  Pot not to exceed 12”in diameter

Eligible for Grower’s Choice Award

Class 14   Saintpaulia (African Violet)
Class 15   Orchidaceae (Orchid)
Class 16   Gesneriads (Geranium)
Class 17   Any other Worthy Specimen

Section E.   Laughing in Spring Blooms…

Bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes Pot grown in bloom.  Pot no larger then 12” in diameter

Eligible for Green Mountain Award

Class 18  Clivia, one bulb
Class 19  Hippeastrum, (Amaryllis) one bulb
Class 20  Narcissus, five bulbs
Class 21   Tulipa, five bulbs

Section F.   Storing Our Juices…

Cacti and Succulents.   Pot not to exceed 12” in diameter

Eligible for Grower’s Choice Award

Class 22  Columnar Cacti
Class 23  Globular Cacti
Class 24  Echeveria
Class 25  Any other worthy specimen

Flower Show Competition is a learning and fun experience. We hope that you will join us!

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